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about Aveva Design

From Malmö with love!

Aveva Design started in 2011, and originally refers to the designer and founder behind the company and simply with the Swedish meaning: byEVA. But alone is not strong, so over the years some loving people joined Eva and Christoph Jeckelmann and added there passion AVEVA DESIGN TEAM.

Design creates a happier world. Throughout the whole design process, Aveva's goal is to work as much local as possible, produce less and smart packaging, simply to reduce negative impact on our planet, but also to support craftsmanship in Sweden and around the world. Handmade products are an important part in their production. Therefore Aveva carefully chooses manufacturers and partners that share their values. In other words, to product with environmental and social responsibility. Aveva strives for honest relationships, joy for your eyes and products for the hear.

Here is a snapshot from Aveva's production in Kathmandu, 100% felted will drying in the sun, using ago free colors from Switzerland and ecological wool from New Zealand. All put together by a social responsible factory supporting women at work.

Aveva creates designs in-house and work with some external designers to achieve the best process in creating long living products, manufactured in a responsible way. An important factor is the selection of materials, where natural, eco friendly and recycled materials are natural choice. They use recycled paper for tags and packaging, smart and minimal, simply to reduce waste.

The use of handcrafted techniques and long living products makes it possible to keep the supply chain in good control and avoid overproduction.


What materials does Aveva choose? Mule - free wool, ago-free colors, certified wood, fsc-certified paper and organic cotton. Materials are important when choosing the quality and long lasting products that the company wants to provide.

Aveva has retaken the hand felted wool into the living area while keeping an old tradition alive. The combination and contrast of wood and wool has become a corey part of the trademark, but they use and get inspired by other materials, as long as it is natural and friendly to the environment.

Aveva Design loves wool, because it is:

- 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable
- warm, but it is cool
- a natural flame retardant and will self-extinguish
- strong and long lasting
- the world's oldest renewable fibre, most versatile and modern
- a natural insulator