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about Ringsted Dun

about Ringsted Dun

Founded in 1947, it is now the leading manufacturer of down comforters and pillows in Northern Europe with 90 employees and with production in Denmark. All of Scandinavia's feather processing competence has been brought together in 30,000 sqf production premises in Lunderskov, where the old, conventional craftsmanship of processing down and feather to become the most beautiful, the purest and most luxurious natural product, is nurtured and promoted.
Ringsted controls the entire value chain - purchasing, production, marketing and sale.
The production of high quality products starts with the selection of raw materials, only the best qualities in fillings and shells are sourced.

The company is a member of BSCI - Business Social Compliance Initiative - to support and actively work for social responsibility, and has very strict demand regarding animal welfare. Ringsted is very proud to be a GREEN FACTORY.

Why choose RINGSTED DUN?
Here are some excellent reasons:

- All quilts and pillows from Ringsted Dun are manufactured without the use of harmful substances and chemicals. For this reason, Ringsted Dun was one of the first quilt manufacturers in the world to be certified to the internationally-recognized Oeko-Tex Standard 100. 

- Did you know that down and feathers can be labeled in three classes under the EN 12934 standard? Ringsted only uses new down and feathers of the highest quality (Class I). The other two classes are for inferior qualities. IF there is no information on "class", therefore, the product in question might be Class III. Class III permits the use of more than 15% recycled down/feathers from old products that other people have slept in.

- Ringsted down products carry the NOMITE lable. The NOMITE brand confirms that bedding articles displaying the mark fit for house dust mite allergy sufferers.
Ringsted is monitored by the Danish Institute for Informative Labeling (DVN).

- The Downafresh label is a special labeling system developed for European manufacturers of natural fills and natural fill products. It also guarantees a clean product of very high quality. Handling of fills and manufacturing are according to the rigid guidelines of the European standard EN 12934.

- HUMAN RIGHTS: as a Danish company, RINGSTED DUN is a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), a European initiative aimed at improving social conditions and reducing environmental impact . The BSCI is the European monitoring and control system for business ethics and social responsibility. RINGSTED DUN therefore plays an active role in combating child labour, discrimination and slave labour, and ensuring compliance with minimum pay and conditions. The BSCI is a member of the United Nations Global Compact.

- ANIMAL WELFARE - Sleep with a clear conscience: we encourage you, as a consumer, to ask for a guarantee that no down and feathers plucked from live ducks and geese have been used in the duvet you buy. RINGSTED DUN does not accept feathers and down fr om birds that are plucked alive. And they always ask for a written guarantee from their suppliers that their down does not come from live birds or force-fed foie gras geese and ducks. The filling of RINGSTED DUN products come exclusively from industrially slaughtered birds.

- It is important for a company to consider how we behave, in a world constantly changing. Ringsted Dun works with animal welfare, environment, work environment amongst other , so that you can sleep with a clear conscience.

Scientists have worked extensively to pinpoint the problems of the various types of allergy, and one thing that seems to be certain is that this research will continue. Scientists have managed to identify many of the substances that almost certainly have a negative effect on us in terms of allergy. One of these substances, or animals, is the house dust mite, or rather its droppings.


Natural fill quilts and pillows limit the survival chances of the house dust mite considerably. All feather and down are washed, heat-treated and de-dusted to ensure that all allergenic bio-organisms are rendered harmless. In addition, it is almost impossible for the house dust mite to penetrate the tight-weave shells.


The house dust mite lives in luxury when the temperature is 30-37oC, the humidity is high and the conditions are fairly stable. What the house dust mite does not like is light and a change in the environment. Normally, house dust mites are abundant in bedding because all conditions are met: warmth, darkness, moisture and stability.


However, we can do something about that: Quilts and pillows with natural fillings and tight-weave quality shells ensure a rapid escape of warmth and moisture (perspiration) from the body while one sleeps. Fluffing and turning the quilt and not covering it with a bedspread almost certainly guarantees that the house dust mites move next door. If, on top of that, the quilt is also aired regularly, there will be no house dust mites. If you do that and you have a good Ringsted Dun quilt, you need not worry about house dust mites anymore.


If you are allergic to house dust mites, Ringsted Dun recommends that you wash your quilts two or three times a year and your pillows four to six times a year to be on the safe side.

Our products are NOMITE marked so you can see that the quilts are specially suited for persons with house dust mite allergy and persons who want to avoid the creepy things.