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As a dedicated family owned business, we aspire to connect with our customers and suppliers to ensure a level of quality and authenticity that meets and exceeds your expectations. Our products are subject to strict European standards, and we produce every comforter in our selection with your own family in mind.

100% Cruelty Free Down


We have respect for animals and can under no circumstances accept the plucking of live birds! Precisely for this reason, our suppliers must present a written guarantee that the filling does not come from live animals.
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Made in Europe

Family Owned Business

100% Cruelty Free

Free United States Shipping

We are Proud to Be


We travel regularly to Europe to meet existing business partners, as well as to find dedicated and reputable new suppliers for our range of specialty offerings. Many of our partners are long standing, efficient family businesses. We know our suppliers personally: every. single. one.
European Bliss Inc. was founded in 2008 and is a successful, family-owned company based in Los Angeles.
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