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Black Forest Down Comforters & Pillows

Black Forest Down Comforters & Pillows

Located in the beautiful landscape of the Black Forest in Germany, OBB (Oberbadische Bettfedernfabrik GmbH) is a manufacturer of high-quality bedding – duvets and pillows.

OBB is one of the few remaining fully integrated bed feather manufacturers in Germany. Their modern machinery is housed in a production area of 170,000 sqf and enables them to control and monitor every work phase. All stages of the production process take place on their site – from incoming goods inspection down to the last seam on the finished bedding item. The cornerstone of the production is OBB's in-house laboratory, certified by the European Down and Feather Association, which allows to continually monitor all fabric and filling materials to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards.

OBB's success is based on skilled employees, 120 years of experience working with down and feathers, the selection of the best raw materials and highest standards in quality and innovation.

Animal welfare is also one of the highest priorities. OBB uses only raw materials from certified sustainable operations. The company categorically rejects the notion that animals must suffer for down products and only cooperates with suppliers who share these views.

OBB uses the DOWNPASS high standard to underscore their zero-tolerance attitude toward live plucking and force-feeding, and has a number of certifications.