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Duck Down Comforter All Year EURO QUEEN 95x87 in 240x220cm

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  • made in Germany
  • new, white German duck down
    90% down, 10% small feathers
  • 95" x 87" (240x220cm)
  • true BAFFLE box construction, which means within each chamber are vertical interior walls that keep the down from shifting and assures fullest loft
  • 8x7 boxes
  • fill weight: 1064g = 37.5 ounces
  • fill power: 650+
  • shell: 100% cotton mako batiste, super soft finish, white sateen border piping
  • free from flame retardant chemicals
  • certificates: cruelty free down and feathers, Oeko-Tex 100 to be free from harmful substances and chemicals, Class 1 and Downafresh Greenline, for more information click here
  • comes in a storage bag
  • machine washable and suitable for dryer (no bleach, medium heat)
  • for matching duvet covers click here