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Lightweight Goose Down Comforters

  Obviously, we love both Geese and Ducks, and they both produce beautiful down feathers that provide luxurious warmth. Here is how they differ:

Geese are bigger than ducks and live in colder climates, which contributes to the larger size of their down clusters. Larger clusters result in greater insulation, called "fill power", and thus greater warmth.

Ducks are also much more plentiful making duck down more affordable, and their down ideal for warmer climates. Filled with premium high fill-power duck down and encased in a shell of smooth, cotton cambric, our lightweight duck down comforters create a layer of opulent, insulating warmth that's perfect for any season.

If in doubt: when you compare 2 down comforters with the same fill weight, but look for a slightly warmer one, pick the goose down comforter. If you're interested in a slightly cooler one, pick the duck down comforter.