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German Down Pillows

Surround yourself with good Karma and quality: we guarantee that ducks and geese are being humanely raised. All of our down pillows are Oeko Tex and Downfresh Greenline certified, which specifies very low limit values for, among other things:

  • formaldehyde (can cause allergies and was added by the US to the list of carcinogens)
  • heavy metals (can cause eczema and damage internal organs and the central nervous system)
  • pesticides (can affect the nervous system, internal organs and fertility)
  • aromatic hydrocarbons (perfume allergies and disorders of the nervous system)
  • bedding products labelled with Downafresh GreenLine (regulating purity and hygiene); only fillings are employed which have been thoroughly washed with water and dried at temperatures of at least 100° C in order to meet the hygienic requirements defined in the European standard EN 12935.