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about Hans Kruchen Naturdaunen

    Left: Renate and her daughter at their visit of one of their suppliers, Hans Kruchen, Germany in summer 2017.

We travel regularly to Europe to meet existing business partners, as well as to find dedicated and reputable new suppliers for our range of specialty offerings. Many of those suppliers are long standing, efficient family businesses as well who contribute to the entire product line that meets the recognized worldwide standard, such as Oeko-Tex 100.

That means: we know our suppliers personally - every, single, one.

In addition, we offer different bedding and duvet cover sizes that is uniquely pleasing to European customers, and not always easy to find in the U.S. market.

In that pursuit, we became the distributor in the U.S. for Hans Kruchen (Germany), Bierbaum (Germany), Irisette (Germany) and Ringsted Dun (Denmark) and Braendl (Germany), among others.

Hans Kruchen in Germany is a traditional, family run factory which produces down blankets and pillows in Germany. Their buyers know every farm (and, farmers!) personally and guarantee that all raw material that is being used for their products are harvested cruelty free and come from farms where the animals are being raised humanely. For that, they received the certificate "Gruene Gans" - "Green Goose" which has been established by the independent institute of Wessling, Germany under Registration # 1017-CAL-001. Furthermore, Hans Kruchen is a member of EDFA (European Down and Feather Association), which requires to hold to a traceability standard - knowing which farms the animals come from. Just as important is the way the down is being washed and treated: environmentally friendly and according to the latest bio technical standards.

European Bliss Inc. is positioned to serve the expanding consumer desire for natural bedding products of high quality. Our company regularly earns the business of down lovers who are not able to find the combination of family business trust with our variety of superb, natural bedding, animal welfare in mind, plus excellent customer service. It is important for a company to consider how we behave, in a world constantly changing.

Thank you for your business and referral!

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