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Goose Down Pillow German Size 80x80cm / 31x31"

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3-chamber pillow: the inner chamber is filled with small feathers to give structure and support, the 2 outer chambers with soft down for your comfort. The best way of getting correct support while having the softness of down. It follows the natural line of your body between neck and shoulders and is designed for anyone who needs good support all night long. It can be used whether you sleep on your side or on your neck.

  • made in Germany
  • German/European size 31"x31" (80x80cm)
  • shell: 100% cotton, Oeko Tex certified
  • filling: 5.3 ounces on each outer chamber, 25 ounces inner chamber, fill power 750+
  • super fluffy
  • 3-Chamber pillow: this pillow is constructed with three chambers. The core consists of a firm, supportive filling of natural small feathers and the two outer chambers contain nice and soft down against the face. This design ensures a soft, luxurious pillow, which nonetheless supports neck and shoulders due to the firm core.
  • outer chamber: 90% new white European goose down
  • inner chamber/core: small goose feathers for stability and support. Medium height.
  • color: white with white sateen piping
  • certificates, for more information click here:
  • Oeko-Tex 100, free of all harmful substances and chemicals, Class 1
  • Downafresh Greenline, regulating purity and hygiene
  • hypoallergenic, Nomite certified
  • conforms to European animal welfare standards, cruelty free down and feathers
  • conforms to European down and feather associations
  • ships free within 24 hours from our US warehouse