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About Our German Bedding

Left: one of the many farmers in Germany that supply Hans Kruchen with their down and feathers.
We walk the walk: when we talk about "Quality of Life" - that's just what we mean.


Right: Renate and her daughter at one of their visit to one of their suppliers, Hans Kruchen in Germany.


We travel regularly to Europe to meet existing business partners, as well as to find dedicated and reputable new suppliers for our range of specialty offerings. Many of those suppliers are long standing, efficient family businesses as well who contribute to the entire product line that meets the recognized worldwide standard, such as Oeko-Tex 100, Nomite, Downafresh and Green Goose.


We know our suppliers personally - every, single, one.


OBB (which stands for Oberbadische Bettfedernfabrik)  feels a deep connection with its home in the Black Forest, Germany. The company expresses this through their involvement as a premium partner of the Black Forest Tourism Board (Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH), their environmentally friendly production site – which has its own deep well, a water recycling facility and one of the biggest combined heat and power plants in the region – and also their collections, which they have named after their home country – BLACK FOREST (premium collection) and SCHWARZWALD (standard collection).


All the products being manufactured are based on high-quality fabrics and filling materials in addition to superior craftsmanship. It goes without saying that all resources being used are sustainably while being mindful of safety, health and environmentally relevant aspects, out of respect and appreciation for nature.


Animal welfare is also one of the highest priorities. OBB uses only raw materials from certified sustainable operations. The company categorically rejects the notion that animals must suffer for down products and only cooperates with suppliers who share these views.


OBB uses the DOWNPASS high standard to underscore their zero-tolerance attitude toward live plucking and force-feeding.

In addition to the sustainable origins of the raw materials, OBB also guarantees the best quality. Independent audits ensure that the composition of all fillings comply with the prescribed guidelines. Furthermore, every duvet and pillow that leaves the company undergoes a final inspection by their own quality management to ensure flawless workmanship. All of this is only possible because the company produces exclusively at their own site in Lörrach, Germany.