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Scandinavian DUCK Down Comforter SUMMER TWIN 55x79 *our bestseller*

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  • *our all-time bestseller*, here in European Twin size
  • here's your chance at getting your hands on Danish produced summer quilts in a great quality at a very competitive price. This duvet has a lovely soft, white, 100% breathable cotton shell. A light summer blanket that still gives you the 'fluff' feel of a comforter.
  • made in Denmark in a GREEN FACTORY
  • new white, premium Danish duck down, ethically-sourced and cruelty free
  • fill power: 675+
  • hypoallergenic
  • 55 x 79 inch, 140x200cm
  • 8.5 ounces / 240g fill
  • shell: white 100% cotton cambric, highly breathable, super soft and light finish
  • color: white shell with white sateen piping
  • sewn through design, no shifting of fill
  • free from flame retardant chemicals
  • certificates: NOMITE, Oeko-Tex 100 (tested for harmful substances), Class 1, for more information click here
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • conforms to European animal welfare standards, for more information click here
  • conforms to European monitoring and control system for business ethics and social responsibility, for more information click here
  • added bonus: comes with a grey fabric storage bag
  • ships free within 24 hours (to US addresses) from our US warehouse


Was: $249.00
Now: $189.00

Washing & Maintenance

Washing & Drying


Treat your duvet and pillows right:


All Ringsted Dun�s duvets and pillows are machine washable. Always choose a washing machine with the largest possible drum capacity (min. 7 kg/15lbs), and wash your duvet at a delicates program at 60�C / 140F / low or medium heat with high water level and low drum rotation. A mild detergent is recommended, please: no bleach!


The washing program should always be concluded with a centrifugation at ordinary or high speed. But remember: ALWAYS TUMBLEDRY duvets and pillows after washing. Dry them at 60-80�C / 140-170F together with a couple of tennis balls, or regularly take out the duvet and shake it thoroughly to break up down lumps. To avoid odor problems, let the drying continue until the duvet is completely dry.
 It is crucial that all down products are completely dried!


Do not wash your duvet and pillow too often. Smaller stains can often be removed with a firmly wrung sponge and a bit of mild detergent. Excessive washing may cause a reduction of the carrying capacity of the down filling.




For you to benefit from your duvet for many years, we have a few pieces of advice, which will ensure that the duvet stays nice and clean:


When you get up in the morning, you should turn your duvet over in order to let it release the moisture that it has absorbed during the night. Also shake your duvet well when you make your bed. This keeps it full, light and airy.


You should air your duvet and pillow as often as possible. Always do so in the case � and never in direct sunlight. Avoid vacuum cleaning and beating. You may use a soft brush, and if necessary all Ringsted Dun�s duvets and pillows can be washed in the washing machine.


If you follow these instructions and take good care of your duvet, you can be sure to sleep well for many years to come.

Customer Reviews (27)

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  • Summer comforter

    Jan 29th 2017



    The summer weight down comforter is very nice , however it is still not as nice as the comforter that I got in Copenhagen in the early 70s and which I still have and use all year. The fabric is not as soft and cushy as my old one. It will do for now.

  • Replaced My German Comforter

    Nov 23rd 2016


    Gwen Van der Zyppe

    OK, I have to admit that my German-sized comforter (130cm x 200cm) was from 1981. Yes, 1981. However, until last year, it was still good. It finally "died" and I needed a lightweight comforter as I sleep warmly. I spent hours online trying to figure out where to get the same sized comforter, even trying to order one from Kaufhof in Germany. All to no avail. Then I found The Down Comforter Store and spoke to a lovely German woman who understood my plight. She helped me choose the Summer Twin and it is just perfect. Last night, I used it for the first time and I only had to put my foot out to cool off once during the night. The quality is impeccable and the customer service was even better!

  • Our discovery of Ringsted Dun

    Jun 12th 2016


    Audrey Lin

    Back in 2009 we stayed in The Croke Park Hotel in Dublin, and found the bedding there to be amazingly comfortable, way above everything we have ever experienced elsewhere. Memories of this persisted, and we tried to find comparable quality products in the US. But it was only two years later when we stayed in this hotel once again, when we finally were able to check the brand of the comforters and pillows they use. Mystery was solved: it was Ringsted Dun of Denmark. Long search on the internet led us to this site, and ever since we have enjoyed Ringsted Dun products. Highly recommended!

  • European sized comforters finally here in US!

    Nov 10th 2015


    Jane Hebert

    I have looked and looked for European sized twin comforters and now can get them here in the US. They are reasonably priced, perfect for individuals sleeping together on one bed, and this one, even tho it's lightweight, works great in a temperature controlled bedroom in a cold climate. Thank you Down Comforter Store!

  • Just what we wanted!

    Nov 1st 2015


    Anonymous Reviewer

    We just recently returned from a 3 week trip to Europe. My husband and I loved the way the beds were made in Germany and Switzerland. So when we returned I went on the internet to search for the Euro beddings - 2- German twin size for King bed. It took me 4 hours to find on the web! Fortunately, I found The Down Comforter Store! We live in Northern California. We decided to purchase the summer back. It's perfect for my husband, who tends to like a lighter weight down. But if we have a cold winter will definitely purchase the heavy weight!