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Wine Bottle Stopper LAEMPEL

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  • meet our "Master Laempel" - the teacher as made famous by German writer Wilhelm Busch 
  • bottle stopper, great gift for the wine enthusiast
  • designed and handcrafted in Germany by Renate Ellereit-Laube, meet the artist:
  • made of plaster and natural cork 
  • height: 4 inches
  • free shipping within the US, ships within 24 hours"
  • *perfect gift for teachers*

An old saw runs somewhat so:
man must learn while here below,
not alone the A,B,C,
raises man in dignity;
not alone in reading, writing,
reason finds a work inviting;
not alone to solve the double
rule of three shall man take trouble
but must hear with pleasure legends
teach the wisdom of the ages.
Of this wisdom of the ages
of this wisdom an example
to the world was Master Laempel."
- Wilhelm Busch, Max und Moritz, 4ter Streich -